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Instruction for Chisel Powders

Instruction for Chisel Powders - Color (Natural Nails) Steps: Have your client wash their hands. Push back all dead skin, cuticles and remove shine. Apply Bond (#1) on the entire nail. Apply Base (#2) to 3/5 of the nail, and then dip it into Clear or Natural dipping powder (45 degree angle, and tap off excess powder). Apply Base (#2)...


Gelixir Soak Off Gel Polishes Plus Matching Nail Lacquer

Gelixir Matching Color Gel & Nail Lacquer. 144 colors had been released. Also available Base Coat and No Wipe Top Coat. Gelixir UV/LED Soak Off Base Coat has a strong durable adhesive bond to the natural nail bed preventing peeling of gel colors. Gelixir UV/LED Soak Off No Wipe Top Coat creates a high...


Essie Fall Collection 2017

The new essie fall 2017 collection embodies the rebel spirit of the 1990s with colors that range from light baby pink to saturated dark purple. thought the 90s were over? as if! Shop Gel Colors Now Shop Nail Lacquers Now #1080 - Girly Grunge come as you are. In this soft silvery metallic with a light purple shine, you're exactly how...


Color Club Retrograde Rising Fall Collection 2017

Not feeling the vibe lately? Can your aura use a little pick-me-up? Luckily Color Club’s Retrograde Rising collection is in your future. Dark and Mysterious, yet totally magical, these colors were written in the stars! Shop Now #1130 - Without A Doubt is a stormy-gray cream nail lacquer. #1131 - Across the Universe is a dark teal...


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